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INDIANAPOLIS – Two local artists recently completed murals as part of an art installation series as the former Lafayette Square Mall transforms into the mixed-use landmark destination called Window to the World. The first round of commissioned artists include Mike “Kwazar” Martin and Nick Abstract, who designed and created their respective murals.

“When I think of Window to the World, I think of a window to the soul,” said Fabio de la Cruz, principal, Sojos Capital. “These murals are an expression of what Window to the World means and will act as an invitation for the community to explore and experience what we are creating.”

Mike “Kwazar” Martin is a self-taught artist specializing in graffiti art. An accomplished muralist, Mike’s artwork has been featured around the Circle City. Martin was selected as a muralist for the 2021 NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament and has participated in art shows across the country. The 1,400 square foot mural, on the east side of the building, represents Window to the World by way of Martin’s creative expression.

“[I’m excited to] be a part of something that I know is being redone and revamped,” said Mike ‘Kwazar’ Martin, muralist. “I like to create, and seeing others, the reactions – that’s my way of basically delivering my thoughts.”

Nick Abstract is a color-blind contemporary artist, specializing in geometric abstraction. His artwork is inspired by architecture with stylistic nods to graphic design and graffiti writing. Based in Indianapolis, Nick currently travels to produce work worldwide. The nearly 2,500 square foot mural Nick created on the north side of the building showcases the nearby community’s diversity through the use of color and connection. “RADIANCE” is the title given to the piece and includes many vibrant colors radiating from within the Window to the World’s “W” logo. Scale is an important element of Nick’s mural, as some lines within the work are 50-plus feet in length from point-to-point.

“Painting this was a dream,” said Nick Abstract, muralist for Window to the World. “Massive lines. Sweeping shapes of angular momentum. It was an all-around good experience and I hope the mural lives on for years to come – to inspire people and engage those with a curious mind.”

The murals mark the first phase in a series of art installations featuring local artists. Additional artwork will continue to be created for Window to the World.

“It is important for us to have local artists bringing the vision of Window to the World to life,” said de la Cruz. “Window to the World will be a culmination of everything this community has to offer and we want to showcase that with pride.”

Sojos Capital is looking for more local artists to include in future art installations. Artist callouts will be released soon for specific projects.

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